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Dominique Leuenberger 2d6b5cb69c Accepting request 1084055 from graphics
- security update
- added patches
  fix CVE-2023-1729 [bsc#1210720], a heap-buffer-overflow in raw2image_ex()
  + libraw-CVE-2023-1729.patch

1 month ago
.gitattributes Accepting request 46676 from graphics 13 years ago
LibRaw-0.21.1.tar.gz Accepting request 1059316 from home:dirkmueller:Factory 4 months ago
baselibs.conf Accepting request 1055251 from home:polslinux:branches:graphics 5 months ago
libraw-CVE-2023-1729.patch - security update 1 month ago
libraw.changes - security update 1 month ago
libraw.spec - security update 1 month ago