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update to 0.17.0, fixup sr#1041850

Dominique Leuenberger 6 months ago committed by Git OBS Bridge
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Wed Dec 7 16:34:47 UTC 2022 - Dirk Müller <>
- update to 0.17.0:
* This releases major feature is the addition of a new ASS ScriptInfo
header pair: LayoutResX and LayoutResY. The introduction has been
coordinated with active VSFilters and will soon be available in xy-
VSFilter and XySubFilter as well.
* Since the beginning, many features in ASS scale relative to or are
otherwise affected by the storage resolution of the video file the subs
are bundled with. Adjusting subs for different video resolutions
traditionally took non-trivial effort. Of course this behavior must be
kept by default to preserve compatibility with existing files. But now,
setting both of the new headers to a positive, non-zero value will
replace the video storage resolution with the specified resolution for
the whole file, allowing easy reuse across all encodes of the same
display aspect ratio. This includes PAR effects, so reuse across
anamorphic and non-anamorphic releases is possible too.
* Detailed Changes:
* Fix various parts relating to automatic linebreaking
* Fix rendering when hinting was enabled and fontsizes or scales are zero
* Switch build to a non-recursive setup for improved parallelism
* Improve quality of SSA Effects movement
* Further documentation improvements
* Completely invalid Events are now discarded during parsing
* Introduction of LayoutRes{X,Y} script headers
* New AlphaLevel style override to set all alpha values while keeping the
* Add ASS_FEATURE_WRAP_UNICODE to allow automatic linebreaks in accordance
with the Unicode line breaking algorithm instead of ASS' much stricter
breaking rules. For the feature to be available at runtime, libass must
be linked against the new optional dependency libunibreak.
* Improve VSFilter compatibility:
* Fix premature truncation of animated alphas (was a 0.15.0 regression)
* Fix handling of small delay parameters for legacy SSA Effects
* Fix x-scaling with PlayResX
* Fix x-scaling for anamorphic video (except for \be whose scaling remains
buggy in general)
* Support SSA's AlphaLevel style field
* Support the \kt override tag from VSFilter's v4++ set
* Parse ScriptType headers
* Parse integer header, style and event field values like VSFilter
* Ignore trailing whitespace in an event's text
Wed May 18 15:21:57 UTC 2022 - Dominique Leuenberger <>

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%define sover 9
Name: libass
Version: 0.16.0
Version: 0.17.0
Release: 0
Summary: Library for SSA/ASS-formatted subtitle rendering
License: ISC