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Dominique Leuenberger 64bf04ac52 Accepting request 1088910 from Java:Factory

6 days ago
.gitattributes OBS-URL: 3 years ago
JDK-8282944.patch OBS-URL: 1 year ago
JDK-8303509.patch OBS-URL: 1 month ago
PStack-808293.patch OBS-URL: 2 years ago OBS-URL: 3 years ago OBS-URL: 3 years ago
_constraints OBS-URL: 3 years ago
adlc-parser.patch OBS-URL: 2 years ago
alternative-tzdb_dat.patch OBS-URL: 2 years ago
config.guess OBS-URL: 1 year ago
config.sub OBS-URL: 1 year ago
disable-doclint-by-default.patch OBS-URL: 1 year ago
fips.patch OBS-URL: 3 weeks ago
implicit-pointer-decl.patch OBS-URL: 3 years ago
java-17-openjdk.changes OBS-URL: 1 week ago
java-17-openjdk.spec OBS-URL: 1 week ago
java-atk-wrapper-security.patch OBS-URL: 2 years ago Accepting request 1032709 from home:javierllorente:branches:Java:Factory 7 months ago
jdk-17.0.7+7.tar.gz OBS-URL: 1 month ago
loadAssistiveTechnologies.patch OBS-URL: 2 years ago
memory-limits.patch OBS-URL: 2 years ago
multiple-pkcs11-library-init.patch OBS-URL: 2 years ago
nss-security-provider.patch OBS-URL: 6 months ago OBS-URL: 2 years ago OBS-URL: 1 week ago
ppc_stack_overflow_fix.patch OBS-URL: 2 years ago
system-pcsclite.patch OBS-URL: 2 years ago
systemtap-tapset.tar.xz OBS-URL: 3 years ago
unsigned-sni-server-name.patch OBS-URL: 3 weeks ago
zero-ranges.patch OBS-URL: 2 years ago