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Dominique Leuenberger a81ade6f01 Accepting request 1030122 from X11:XOrg
- Update to version 1.0.9
  * gitlab CI: add a basic build test
  * Fix spelling/wording issues
  * Use AC_CONFIG_FILES to replace the deprecated AC_OUTPUT with parameters
  * Fix -Wsign-compare warnings
  * Fix -Wshadow warnings
  * Make Emalloc() argument a size_t to match malloc()
  * Simplify HAVE_MKSTEMP block
  * Add .git-blame-ignore-revs to hide whitespace commits from git blame
  * use quoted string variables
  * use exec instead of waiting for configure to finish

8 months ago
.gitattributes Accepting request 114548 from home:vuntz:branches:X11:XOrg 11 years ago
imake-1.0.9.tar.xz - Update to version 1.0.9 8 months ago
imake.changes - Update to version 1.0.9 8 months ago
imake.spec - Update to version 1.0.9 8 months ago