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Wed May 18 17:26:01 UTC 2022 - Fridrich Strba <>
- Upgrade to guava 31.1
* Fixes:
+ base: Deprecated the Throwables methods lazyStackTrace and
lazyStackTraceIsLazy. They are no longer useful on any current
+ collect: Added a new method
ImmutableMap.Builder.buildKeepingLast(), which keeps the last
value for any given key rather than throwing an exception when
a key appears more than once.
+ collect: As a side-effect of the buildKeepingLast() change,
the idiom
ImmutableList.copyOf(Maps.transformValues(map, function))
may produce different results if function has side-effects.
+ hash: Added Hashing.fingerprint2011().
+ io: Changed ByteStreams.nullOutputStream() to follow the
contract of OutputStream.write by throwing an exception if
the range of bytes is out of bounds.
+ net: Added @CheckReturnValue to the package (with a few
+ net: Added HttpHeaders constant for
+ util.concurrent: Added accumulate/update methods for
AtomicDouble and AtomicDoubleArray.
* APIs promoted from @Beta:
+ base: Throwables methods getCausalChain and getCauseAs
+ collect: Streams methods mapWithIndex and findLast
+ collect: the remaining methods in Comparators: min, max,
lexicographical, emptiesFirst, emptiesLast, isInOrder,
+ escape: various APIs
+ io: various APIs in Files
+ net: various APIs
+ reflect: various APIs
+ testlib: various APIs
+ util.concurrent: AsyncCallable, ListenableScheduledFuture,
and ClosingFuture
+ util.concurrent: ExecutionSequencer,
MoreExecutors.newSequentialExecutor, and Monitor
+ util.concurrent: Futures methods: submit, submitAsync,
scheduleAsync, nonCancellationPropagating, inCompletionOrder
+ util.concurrent: Uninterruptibles:
awaitTerminationUninterruptibly and the Duration overloads in
the class
+ util.concurrent: the FluentFuture type, its factory methods,
and addCallback
* Remove the hack of removing annotations, since we have now
all the required dependencies packaged
- Removed patch:
@ -17,6 +61,14 @@ Fri Mar 11 12:13:02 UTC 2022 - Fridrich Strba <>
Mon May 10 14:59:41 UTC 2021 - Fridrich Strba <>
- Upgrade to guava 30.1.1
* Fixes:
+ cache: Fixed compatibility between asMap().compute(...)
and a load.
+ cache: Added @CheckReturnValue to some APIs.
+ collect: Added @DoNotCall to the mutator methods on immutable
+ hash: Removed @Beta from HashCode.
+ io: Removed @Beta from CountingOutputStream.
* fixes bsc#1179926, CVE-2020-8908: temp directory creation
vulnerability in Guava versions prior to 30.0
- Removed patch: