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Dominique Leuenberger d2682aa1af Accepting request 1040074 from filesystems
- update to 1.10:
  * main: use /proc/self/fd to read xattrs.
  * main: inherit ACLs for new files/dirs.
  * main: fix passing noatime.
  * main: add checks for valid /proc mount.
  * main: fix copy_file_range for deleted files.
  * main: fix creating links of just deleted files.
  * main: fix setting attributes on file without permissions.
  * main: ignore EOVERFLOW when copying xattrs.
  * main: set the correct value for RENAME_NOREPLACE when it is not already
    defined in the system headers.
  * main: create source whiteout only when needed
  * main: fix missing source whiteout when destination is whiteout
  * main: fix lookup if underlying path is a symlink, but a directory on a
    upper directory.
  * main: fix race when looking up an inode that was renamed.
  * main: fix type used for ioctl.
  * main: honor user.overlay. xattrs.  Native overlay uses user.overlay to
    store the overlay metadata instead of trusted.overlay.
  * main: add a mount flag to disable ACLs.

6 months ago
.gitattributes Accepting request 689478 from home:flavio_castelli:filesystems 4 years ago
fuse-overlayfs.changes - update to 1.10: 6 months ago
fuse-overlayfs.spec - update to 1.10: 6 months ago
v1.10.tar.gz - update to 1.10: 6 months ago