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Mon Nov 21 19:56:53 UTC 2022 - Emil Penchev <>
- Update to version 2.4.6:
* totemsrp: More informative messages
* icmap: fix the icmap_get_*_r functions
* stats: Add basic schedule-miss stats to needle
* icmap: icmap_init_r() leaks if trie_create() fails
* test: Fix cpgtest
* pkgconfig: Add libqb dependency
* man: votequorum.5: use proper single quotes
* cpg: Change downlist log level
* totem: Increase ring_id seq after load
* totempg: Check sanity (length) of received message
* totemsrp: Reduce MTU to left room second mcast
* qnetd: Rename qnetd-log.c to log.c
* qnetd: Fix double -d description
* qnetd: Check log initialization error
* qnetd: Add function to set log target
* qdevice: Use log instead of libqb log
* qdevice: Import log instead of qdevice-log
* qdevice: Merge msg_decode_error functions
* qnetd: Use log-common for nodelist debug dump
* qdevice: Configurable log priority bump
* tests: Add utils_parse_bool_str test
* qdevice: Free memory used by log
* qdevice: Add log test
* qdevice: Add header files to list of test sources
* qdevice: Add chk variant of vsyslog to test-log
* qdevice: Add prototype of __vsyslog_chk
* votequorum: Ignore the icmap_get_* return value
* logconfig: Remove double free of value
* cmap: Assert copied string length
* sync: Assert length
* votequorum: Assert copied strings length
* cpghum: Remove unused time variables and functions
* cfgtool: Remove unused callbacks
* cmapctl: Free bin_value on error
* quorumtool: Assert copied string length
* votequorum: Reflect runtime change of 2Node to WFA
* main: Add schedmiss timestamp into message
* votequorum: Change check of expected_votes
* quorumtool: Fix exit status codes
* quorumtool: exit on invalid expected votes
* votequorum: set wfa status only on startup
* Revert "totemip: Add support for sin6_scope_id"
* Revert "totemip: compare sin6_scope_id and interface_num"
* main: Make schedmiss in cmap and log equal
* totemip: Add support for sin6_scope_id
* qnetd: Do not call ffsplit_do on shutdown
* qdevice: Fix connect heuristics result callback
* qdevice: Fix connect heuristics result callback
* qdevice: Log adds newline automatically
* qnetd: Fix dpd timer
* qnetd: Add support for keep active partition vote
* common_lib: Remove trailing spaces in cs_strerror
* totemsrp: Move token received callback
* tests: Use CS_DISPATCH_BLOCKING instead of cycle
* qnetd: Fix NULL dereference of client
* qnetd: Simplify KAP Tie-breaker logic
* totem: Add cancel_hold_on_retransmit config option
* logsys: Unlock config mutex on error
* totemsrp: Switch totempg buffers at the right time
* totemudpu: Don't block local socketpair
* fix pkgconfig issue of rdma
* totemip: Add support for sin6_scope_id
* totemip: compare sin6_scope_id and interface_num
* qdevice: Change log level to NOTICE on PASS
* cfgtool: output error messages to stderr
* tools: use util_strtonum for options checking
* cmapctl: return EXIT_FAILURE on failure
* quorumtool: Help shouldn't require running service
* quorumtool: strict check for -o option
* cmapctl: check NULL for key type and value for -p
* man: adjust description about interface section
* qnetd: sort by node_id when add new client
* man: replace votequorum_poll for actually used fn
Mon Apr 11 16:06:20 UTC 2022 - Emil Penchev <>

@ -47,10 +47,10 @@ Name: corosync
Summary: The Corosync Cluster Engine and Application Programming Interfaces
License: BSD-3-Clause
Group: Productivity/Clustering/HA
Version: 2.4.5+git.5d625cef
Version: 2.4.6
Release: 0
Source0: %{name}-%{version}.tar.bz2
Source0: %{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
Source2: baselibs.conf
Patch1: upstream-afd97d7884940_coroapi-Use-size_t-for-private_data_size.patch
Patch2: Fix-compile-warnings-with-GCC-7.2.1.patch