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Dominique Leuenberger 673293ff3c Accepting request 1089263 from openSUSE:Tools
- sync tumbleweed config
- addition cross architecture build configs
- docker builds: create pkgsummaries files if requested
- kiwi builds: create pkgsummaries files if requested
- Delete bogus space when copying the .packages files
- container: fixes for startdocker in chroot

2 weeks ago
.gitattributes OBS-URL: 17 years ago
PKGBUILD update 2 weeks ago
_service update 2 weeks ago
build.changes update 2 weeks ago
build.dsc update 2 weeks ago
build.spec update 2 weeks ago
debian.changelog update 2 weeks ago
debian.compat fix for ubuntu 22.10 8 months ago
debian.control update 1 year ago
debian.rules don't use debian/ folder anymore 6 years ago
obs-build-20230527.tar.gz update 2 weeks ago